Arcturus Theater Company;

Theater can enable us to see the ways we interact from new perspectives and prompt discussion on topics that do not come up naturally in everyday conversation. We, a small group of D.C. area theater enthusiasts, have formed Arcturus Theater Company to present plays to evoke ideas that will provoke such discussion, and which will engender sensations of joy, discovery, recognition, and even at times horror.

We aim to bring the best stage works, new or old, we can find to the D.C. region at a low price.

Artists may be able to give the world some beauty but to give it reason is impossible. Yet artists can continue to ask questions and seek answers in the hope that reason may at least be discerned. In our small way, we hope to take part in this ongoing dialogue and in so doing bring to ourselves and our audience relevant ideas and feelings we may not otherwise experience.

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Arcturus has one simple location to purchase tickets for all upcoming productions. Currently, there are no tickets on sale. Please check back later!

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Arcturus can continue to thrive only with the generous support and continued interest from the community. Visit the Connect page to see how you can donate and stay involved with the happenings of Arcturus!

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Arcturus Theater Company's Troupe

Arcturus has a core group of members dedicated to creating the best theater experience possible. You can read about us on the Troupe page. And if you happen to see us out and about, say hello!

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